Discover Pittsburgh and It's suburbs


The city's geographical location is definitely one of its most stunning features, with rivers, hills and valleys coming together to form a remarkable tableau. The topography is also a big reason for Pittsburgh's interesting patchwork of neighborhoods - 88 in the city of Pittsburgh alone. Defined by hills, separated by rivers and bridges, and demarcated by ravines, Pittsburgh's neighborhoods are each small towns where families live for generations. Squirrel Hill, Polish Hill, Brighton Heights, Southside Slopes -- these are all distinct communities, each with their own ethnic heritage, personality and charm.

Arts & Culture

Pittsburgh is ranked #1 among mid-sized cities in American Style Magazine's 2007 "Top 25 Arts Destinations," for a reason. Thanks to the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History, the University of Pittsburgh's Nationality Classrooms, and the always funky Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh is on the map when it comes to art. A nice selection of musical and theater performances can also be found in downtown Pittsburgh's thriving cultural district, home to five major theaters and even live Cabaret.

The Steelers

Pittsburgh is a city that bleeds black and gold, the colors of our three professional sports teams. But much as Pittsburghers love the Pengins (2009 Stanley Cup Champs!) and Pirates, the Steelers -- proud winners of six Super Bowls -- are more akin to a religion here. It's not just in Pittsburgh either. Just about every town in America boasts an oasis of yinzers and twirling terrible towels - a true Steelers Nation.

Plenty of Green

If you like your cities on the green side, then Pittsburgh is for you. The city's four regional parks offer thousands of acres of wooded escape from the city, while a multitude of rivers and streams, and a beautiful network of rail trails offer additional opportunities for recreation within the city limits.

More Neighborhoods

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